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Professional Drone Services

New Level Drones is an FAA certified and fully insured drone service provider.  We offer our clients high quality creative content and exceptional service.  Located in the Milwaukee area, we proudly serve all of Wisconsin and are more than happy to travel wherever you need us.  Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied.  Lets work together to take your next project to a New Level!

"Very professional and great pictures. I will be using New Level Drones again in the future!

—  Jay Armbruster, Redefined Realty Advisors

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Why Clients Hire Us:

Our Passion Shows
We love drones, photography, and creating content that helps others tell their story! We believe, when you follow your passion in life, you create better work. This is our passion!!
We Care
We provide the personal attention and detail to turn your vision into reality.  To us, your experience is just as important as the final product.
Easy to Work With
We know you have plenty of other things on your plate. So, we lead you through the entire process, and strive to make your experience working with us as smooth as possible!
Great Quality 
Not only do we use equipment that allows us to take high quality images, but we have also invested the time and resources into learning how to get the most out of our equipment. We take 
tremendous pride in our work, and we are always learning new ways to make it even better!
Great Value
We will always work with you to create a quote that suits your goals and budget. Then, we strive to exceed your expectations